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Detroit's Metro Airport now has two pads of grass for dogs to do their business on — that cost $75,000

Detroit may be broke, dogs may be on the loose in neighborhoods littered with abandoned houses, but Detroit now can say it has two indoor toilets for dogs at the city’s Metro Airport. The cost? $75,000.

Quite a steep price, especially considering you could buy a few dozen houses in Detroit for that same price.

The two patches of grass, complete with a miniature fire hydrant, are located in the airport’s McNamara Terminal.

The relief area connects to the airport’s sanitation system and has two sprinklers on it to help wash down the liquid nasty that the dogs leave behind. Owners are on the hook for picking up the solids.

Allegedly, the pads are big enough to handle two dogs at a time, but that seems questionable. We’d like to see a St. Bernard and Great Dane try to squat at the same time.

Via Detroit Free Press