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The Evening Rush for Monday, May 19, 2014

Via screengrab

Lawsuit: Cops abuse woman on video

A Chicago police officer hit a handcuffed, kneeling woman in the head, while another shouted racially charged comments at her, including “You’re not f – – – – – – American! I’ll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the f – – – you came from!”

The woman also was threatened she’d be murdered during a raid of a West Side tanning salon. And the whole disturbing scene was captured on video, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court. [Sun-Times]

IHSA payroll under scrutiny

One of every four employees gets more than $110,000 a year in pay and benefits. [Early & Often]

One incredible time lapse

This is how a surreal supercell thunderstorm comes together. [The Washington Post]

Guilty verdict for Islamic cleric

A federal jury in New York found radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri guilty in terror trial. [CNN]

2 accused of trying to steal fire hydrants

Really. [Sun-Times]

The real animal house

Yep, we had to ask: “What the hell is this place?” [Chicago Reader]

These women love their priests

No, we mean they really love them. And they’re asking Pope Francis for help. [Slate]

Photos of the day

Rizki, a 10-month-old orphaned Bornean orangutan, is learning to bite and eats leaves at Surabaya Zoo as he prepares to be released into the wild in Surabaya, Indonesia. | Getty Images

Have pot?

Even though Chicago police can issue tickets, study shows they’re much more likely to arrest people caught with marijuana. [Early & Often]

That’s one big cable acquisition

Here’s what the AT&T/DirecTV deal means to you. [Vox]

The Bright One

Brandon Marshall announced his contract extension like only Brandon Marshall can. [Voices]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

Mom who gave birth to baby with two faces says “you have to see it to believe it.” It’s hard to argue with her. [Voices]