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New owner to revive Calumet Photo

Calumet Photographic’s online and rental operations could be revived soon by the owner of Ritz Camera & Imaging.

Ritz owner C&A Marketing Inc. bought most assets of Calumet Photographic Inc. from bankruptcy court. Calumet Photo abruptly closed its U.S. stores and website in March when it filed for bankruptcy protection. The Chicago-based company had three stores here and 14 nationwide.

“Calumet is a brand that over three quarters of a century built an enviable international reputation by servicing a very demanding customer base – the photography professional,” said Chaim Pikarski, C&A Marketing’s executive vice president. Calumet has a strong, loyal customer base which is the best foundation to build and rebuild on.”

C&A, based in Ridgefield, N.J., is evaluating which stores, if any, will reopen. The company said it is also considering whether to operate the stores as traditional retail stores, showrooms for online sales or some combination.

“We know what didn’t work for Calumet and we know what’s working for Ritz and Polaroid and our other imaging-related entities and we are prepared to invest the time and capital to rebuild,” C&A president Harry Klein said in a news release.

C&A’s brands include Ritz Camera & Imaging, Wolf Camera and Camera World. The company paid nearly $4 million for Calumet Photo’s assets, according to

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