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United, attendants bring in mediator

United Airlines and the Association of Flight Attendants have agreed to negotiate a new contract with the help of a federal mediator.

The airline and flight attendants union will work together in a “facilitated problem-solving” process with the help of the National Mediation Board. United said it will meet with mediation board representatives next week and during a scheduled negotiating session in June.

The airline announced Tuesday it had reached a contract agreement covering dispatchers with the Professional Airline Flight Control Association and the Transport Workers Union. United dispatchers are represented by the Professional Airline Flight Control Association; Continental dispatchers are represented by the Transport Workers Union.

“Working with the National Mediation Board, we were able to reach a responsible tentative agreement that recognizes the good work and contributions of our dispatchers,” said Tracy Lee, United’s vice president of network operations.

United said it has worked out contracts with a majority of its union work force, including pilots. The company expects to soon resume negotiations with technicians represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

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h/t Chicago Business Journal