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Calumet Photo's Oak Brook store to reopen Sunday

Calumet Photographic Inc.’s store in Oak Brook will reopen Sunday.

The Oak Brook store was one of the chain’s newer locations and the most forward-thinking and successful, new owner C&A Marketing said Wednesday. The store, at 1600 W 16th St., will have the professional-grade inventory in stock that Calumet Photo is known for.

The Oak Brook store is the first retail store to reopen. The company is still evaluating the other locations, a spokeswoman said.

“We realize some people may be surprised at how fast we have moved to reopen this store, however we did due diligence before we stepped in to bid on the brand – and in the process realized the Oak Brook location was the best representation of the thinking Calumet should have deployed chainwide,” said Chaim Pikarski, C&A Marketing’s executive vice president.

“From a business perspective, we know what’s needed, we have the resources to ensure that inventory is in place and the key staff that ‘built’ this location is intact and ready to work. Even more important is that our customers want us there, so why wait?”

C&A Marketing Inc., based in Ridgefield, N.J., bought most assets of Calumet Photographic Inc. from bankruptcy court. The chain, formerly based in Chicago, abruptly closed its U.S. stores and website in March when it filed for bankruptcy court protections. C&A’s other brands include Ritz Camera & Imaging, Wolf Camera and Camera World.

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