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Moving company to hire up to 200 here


Chicago Sun-Times

Two Men and a Truck is hiring up to 200 workers to tackle what it says will be a busy summer in Chicago.

The Lansing, Michigan-based local moving company, with 15 franchise locations and 500 employees in Chicago and the suburbs, is looking primarily for movers and drivers. Most of the jobs are full time.

The company also sees a need down the line for more customer service representatives and human resource managers.

“A lot of our franchises are looking at a longer-term view when it comes to their hiring,” said Sara Bennett, human resources director for Two Men and a Truck. “If you build it, they will come.”

She says the company is looking for employees who do best in an active work environment and are capable of engaging with customers in stressful situations.

“You have to care about what you’re doing,” Bennett said. “Moving is such a stressful time so we want people who aren’t going to add to the customer’s stress.”

Job information is available at