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White cheeked gibbon born at Brookfield Zoo

(BROOKFIELD) The newest spring arrival at the Brookfield Zoo is a rare white-cheeked gibbon.

The male baby gibbon was born June 9 to Indah, 25, according to a release from the Chicago Zoological Society.

The baby gibbon can be seen in the zoo’s Tropic World: Asia exhibit between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. with his mom, his dad Benny, 29, and his two brothers Thani, 5, and Cuong, 2 1/2, according to the release. The hours will be extended as the baby gets older.

Since he was born, the baby has been keeping a close grip on his mom, who will carry him for a few more months, according to the release. All baby gibbons are born with a blond coat matching their mother’s, but the baby’s coat will begin turning dusky when he is six months old.

Currently, 88 white-cheeked gibbons live in 27 North American zoos, according to the release. They are critically endangered in their native Vietnam and are presumed to be extinct in China.