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Two new lionesses on exhibit at Lincoln Park Zoo

Lionesses Zalika and Kamali are the newest residents at the North Side zoo. | © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015

Lincoln Park Zoo’s only African lion, Sahar, won’t be lonely much longer, as two new lionesses have joined him at the lakeshore park, just in time for spring.

The lionesses, Zalika and Kamali, are one-and-a-half-year-old sisters who came to Chicago from the Oregon Zoo, according to a statement from Lincoln Park Zoo. Though they may be young, the lions aren’t tiny—each weighs in at about 160 pounds.


“We’re very excited to introduce Zalika and Kamali to Chicago and to our male lion, Sahar,” Curator of Mammals Mark Kamhout said in the statement.

The zoo’s last lioness, Myra, was euthanized at the age of 18 in November 2012, and five-year-old Sahar became the sole lion at the zoo.

“Over the past couple weeks, we have introduced the lions via scent and visually, and in the coming weeks we will physically introduce the three lions who will share the indoor and outdoor exhibit space,” Kamhout said.

The lionesses’ arrival was arranged by the African Lion Species Survival Plan, which manages the accredited zoo lion population.

The Kovler Lion House is open daily from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The two new lionesses will join five-year-old male Sahar at the Kovler Lion House. | Lincoln Park Zoo photo

Two African lionesses will live with Sahar at the Kovler Lion House. | © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015

Zalika and Kamali explore their new home at the Lincoln Park Zoo. | © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015