Jim Cornelison is feeling the energy before the Hawks game

SHARE Jim Cornelison is feeling the energy before the Hawks game

Jim Cornelison is humming with energy.

He’s had trouble sleeping the last two nights in anticipation of singing the Star-Spangled Banner that could preclude a Stanley Cup ceremony Monday at the United Center.

“We’re all affected by the energy of the people around us,” Cornelison said Monday afternoon. “I can’t promise you it will be better than any other time, but I know I’ll feel the energy from the crowd and it will affect my performance.”

As if standing in the center of a plasma globe, one can imagine the electricity bouncing between the opera singer and thousands of screaming Hawks fans.

“I have a visceral reaction,” he said. “It’s really powerful to be in the middle of all those people cheering.”

“It’s a huge game. Absolutely massive . . . I had a little bit of trouble sleeping last night and the night before. There’s just a lot of energy, and I’m an emotional guy. It’s just super exciting.”

Cornelison, who lives in Lake View, played golf Monday at Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest but “left plenty of time to get cleaned up and throw on a tux and get down to the United Center.”

“If I did something stupid, I might feel nervous,” Cornelison said. “Like if I went out and partied or stayed on the golf course too long, but I stayed hydrated and feel good.”

Water and ice tea, lots of water and ice tea, he said.

He plans to bring his girlfriend to the game. The Hawks give him two seats in the 200 level for each game.

“It’s going to be an amazing experience,” he said.

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