Legendary Chicago Bull Michael Jordan served up a side of super nice at C Chicago, the city’s new and hip seafood eatery Sunday night. | Sun-Times file photo

Sneed: Michael Jordan’s night out

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A plate of MJ …

Legendary Chicago Bull Michael Jordan served up a side of super nice at C Chicago, the city’s new and hip seafood eaterySundaynight.

Jordan, who has kept it low-key since fighting began in an endorsement infringement case at the federal courthouse last week, sent eatery patrons into overdrive when he showed up in a front-row seat.

“Celebrities usually request private rooms at odd hours,” said C Chicago owner David Flom.

“But not Michael Jordan. He didn’t want a private dining room. His manager called earlier in the day and ordered up a window seat in full view of everybody,” Flom added.


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Minus security, Jordan arrived in a casual white linen shirt looking like he had just stepped off a yacht — and dined with his gorjus wife, Yvette Prieto, and three other couples.

His server, Nathan Haadsma, 28, told Sneed: “I have been so in awe of Jordan’s legacy, I am the proud owner of all 75 pairs of Air Jordan shoes.

“I have them all,” he said. “They are all in my closet. I can even rattle off all their names.

“I told (Jordan) he has been my childhood idol. I was stunned to find out how humble he was, despite his extraordinary fame, while I was waiting on his table,” said Haadsma.

“His smile was genuine and just the way he talked to me, super nice and not belittling at all, was surprising to me. He could have been just the opposite like some celebrities can be. But he really knew his wine.”

Jordan ordered up several bottles of uber-expensive French Burgundy, shellfish bouquet appetizers and Dover sole and crab entrees.

When the check came, Jordan reached for the bill.

How much was the tab? It’s safe to say it slipped easily into the four-figure range — and the tip was 20 percent.

“Michael Jordan was the perfect person to wait on, and the fact he chose to pose with me for a picture was over the top,” said Haadsma.

“It was better than an autograph. And you can bet I’m going to spend some of the tip he gave me to buy a new pair of Air Jordan shoes … the low tops.”


Trump ’em …

The cookie sheet: Does Chicago have the specter of a cookie crisis on its hands?

• To wit: Not only is the legendary Maurice Lenell cookie going to disappear soon, but GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who showed up for jury duty in New York onMonday, told prospective jurors he had heard that the Nabisco company might pull up stakes in Chicago and set up shop in Mexico.

• The end result: It might force the Donald to boycott certain cookies. “No more Oreos for Trump,” he said … according to a report in the New York Times.

Hey! Hey!

The city of Chicago is honoring Dutchie Caray, the first lady of Chicago baseball, onThursdayby renaming East Pearson Street between North Michigan Avenue and Mies van der Rohe Way as “Honorary Dutchie Caray Way.”

• Backshot: Newly elected Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) wanted his very first honorary street designation to be for Dutchie, who turns 86Saturday. She and her late hubby, the legendary announcer Harry Caray, lived there since buying a condo on Pearson Street in 1992.

The Rosie file …

It’s riveting for Rosie, again.

• Translation: The illuminated sign bearing the first name of Rosie Colucci, which twinkles atop the Novak Construction Co. next to the Kennedy Expressway near West Addison Street, is back again.

The firm’s owner, John Novak, decided to resurrect the sign in honor of Rosie’s 11th birthday on Aug. 2.

Rosie, who is battling brain cancer, originally reached out to Novak after she spotted the lights while traveling to Lurie Children’s Hospital downtown. Rosie is still receiving chemo to deal with two tumors.

Rosie also asked Novak Construction to display a gold ribbon and the word “HOPE” in gold for September in honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. She’s raising the money for those lights herself, at

Sneedlings …

Wednesday’s birthdays: Former President Bill Clinton, 69; John Stamos, 52, and Kyra Sedgwick, 50.

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