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3 arrested amid reports of youths pushing cops, smoking pot downtown Sunday night

Sun-Times file photo

Three juveniles were taken into custody Sunday evening as police responded to reports of a large group of kids shoving officers and smoking marijuana in the downtown area.

About 7 p.m., the juveniles were arrested in the first block of East Chicago Avenue, according to Chicago Police Department spokeswoman Norma Pelayo. No further information was immediately made available about the arrests.

However, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi confirmed that officers were responding to reports of juveniles pushing officers and smoking pot near where the arrests were made.

“We do have a large group of juveniles downtown,” according to Guglielmi, who said police were monitoring about 150 kids as they continued to move through the area.

Guglielmi called the situation “fluid” and said he believed the group was ultimately headed to the South Side.

“It’s anticipated that they may be going to Rainbow Beach,” Guglielmi said, citing chatter on social media platforms.

“Certainly CPD is monitoring and trying to ensure that they remain safe,” Guglielmi added.

On last Wednesday night, police arrested 30 people after fights broke out and traffic was snarled when a group of hundreds of teenagers met downtown.

That night, the action started near the Red Line stop at Chicago Avenue and State Street that has earned a reputation for drawing troublesome crowds during the summer months. The reported arrests on Sunday happened about a block from that station.