Morel of the Week, goslings, walleye, eagle, hawk: Notes, Chicago outdoors

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Morel of the Week from Northwest Indiana.
Provided by Lee Sczepanski

Notes from around Chicago outdoors.


Lee Sczepanski messaged on Monday from Northwest Indiana, “Yesterday and today’s and got to see the eaglet today, too.” MOTW, the celebration of photos and stories of morel mushrooms around Chicago outdoors, runs as warranted on Sundays on the Sun-Times outdoors page. Send nominations by Facebook (Dale Bowman), Twitter (@BowmanOutside) or email


“I normally have to be careful about nesting geese, but didn’t see a single nest or a goose on one. Instead I came across two pairs of geese with goslings following them around. Seems kind of early, but my timing might be off.” Ken Gortowski, wandering Fox tributaries

A: I am around nesting geese every day this time of the year and ours are running about 10 days later than usual. What I find amazing is how fast they go from gosling to half-grown.

Goslings in April along a Fox River tributary.<br>Provided by Ken Gortowski

Goslings in April along a Fox River tributary.
Provided by Ken Gortowski


16-9: Pounds-ounces of North Dakota record walleye 32 1/2 inches) caught April 21 by Tom Volk from shore along the Heart River in Mandan, according to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.


“The red-tailed hawk’s long, raspy call is often heard on TV and in movies when a bald eagle is shown. In reality, the bald eagle has a chittering, high-pitched call, which apparently doesn’t sound imposing enough to go along with its tough appearance.”

American Bird Conservancy, Bird of the Week for April 19 on red-tailed hawks. Click here for more details on calls of eagles and red-tailed hawks and TV.



Turkey hunting: North zone, third season, through Wednesday, fourth, Thursday-May 8; South, fourth, through Wednesday, fifth, Thursday-May 9

Now: Remaining spring turkey permits on sale over the counter, click here for more info

Through Tuesday, April 30: Applications (limit of one) accepted for first lottery for resident firearm and muzzleloader deer hunting, click here for more info


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Friday-Saturday, May 3-4: Bartlett, (847) 608-3118 (Sofia)

Saturday-Sunday, May 4-5: Ingleside, . . . Momence, (815) 472-4900


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Saturday, May 4: Midwest Morel Festival, Jordan Black Park, Ottawa


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Thursday, May 2: Naperville dinner, White Eagle Golf Club, Bill Lehman, (312) 841-9259, Steve Hoffman, (630) 728-8432


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Saturday, May 4: About Boating Safely, Bolingbrook, Darryl Haefner, . . . GPS for Mariners, Waukegan, Curt Schumacher,


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