Helene Miller Walsh and Mary Edly-Allen are one vote apart in the 51st District seat in the Illinois House of Representatives, according to returns as reported by The Associated Press.


The Sun-Times endorsed Edly-Allen for the 51st District Illinois House seat, saying she “favors re-amortizing the state’s pension debt and would vote to legalize recreational marijuana, as long as best practices are used to regulate it.”

Edly-Allen is a bilingual teacher and president of her local parent-teacher organization. She has a long record of civic and educational involvement in Lake County and is a founder of the non-profit organization Foundation 46.

Miller Walsh  was appointed to State Representative of the 51st District in August after Rep. Nick Sauer resigned for being accused of posting nude photos of his ex-girlfriend. She is the founder and chief operating officer of Leenie Productions and founder and chief executive officer of Whim Wham Books. Walsh’s husband is former Congressman and Tea Party radio show host Joe Walsh.

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