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Michelle Mussman wins 56th District Illinois House seat

Michelle Mussman | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Michelle Mussman | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Michelle Mussman has won the 56th District seat in the Illinois House of Representatives, defeating challenger Jillian Rose Bernas, according to returns as reported by the Associated Press.

Mussman never held public office before running for the Illinois House 56th District seat in 2010. Mussman has been a member and officer of her local parent-teacher association and held various leadership positions for local business and non-profit groups. As a legislator, she helped pass a bill requiring tough new verification standards for people who don’t qualify for Medicaid.

Bernas was born and raised in Schaumburg, Illinois. She is an international relations manager for a medical association in Rolling Meadows. Bernas taught and worked at the United States Embassy in Chile.


The Sun-Times endorsed Mussman for the 56th District Illinois House seat, saying “she has the temperament and grasp of issues to be a more prominent thoughtful leader in Springfield.”

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