Illinois Attorney General candidate Aaron Goldstein and a camera crew were robbed at gunpoint Thursday afternoon while filming in the Northwest Side Albany Park neighborhood.

The robbery happened at 3:24 p.m. in the 4600 block of North Albany, according to Chicago Police. A group of suspects approached Goldstein and four of his staff members, displayed a weapon and demanded their property.

“All my staff acted calmly and courageously and did the right thing by handing over their property to the robbers,” Goldstein said in a statement Friday. “Most importantly, none of us was harmed.”

Goldstein said in a statement they were filming for his campaign when the three young men approached from behind and one of them pressed a gun to his side. The robbers made off with the crew’s phones, camera equipment and other property.

“I am still optimistic and still believe that fundamentally we are all good — we are all redeemable,” Goldstein said. “We can get these kids back on the right path.”

The robbery happened a few blocks from where Goldstein and his family live, the candidate said.

“I am fine, and I will be fine,” Goldstein said. “I will continue to live in my community and I will continue to enjoy my beautiful neighborhood that my family calls home.”

No one was in custody Friday morning as Area North detectives investigated.