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Beat the Champions: Story/scores, Section 3 sectional at Diversey River Bowl


Beat the Champions poster for 2018-19.
Dale Bowman/Sun-Times

(Scores are after the story.)

Mabel Dolleton picked the right time for good bowling in the 58th Beat the Champions.

Well, sorta.

Dolleton topped the women’s side of the Section 3 sectional Sunday at Diversey River Bowl in Chicago with a 716.

Melvin Herrell won the men’s side with a 782.

Thing is, Dolleton can’t bowl the finals because she will be on a planned vacation. That allowed sixth place finisher Carmen Arocho to advance.

“I really wanted to go,” said Dolleton, a registered nurse at Evanston Hospital. “This is fun. This is a great thing.”

BTC, the charity event by the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association, is a great thing. In it’s first 57 years, 5,789,515 entries raised $2,872,914.93 for charity. The Sun-Times is a sponsor.

“I was bowling with an awesome group of women,” Dolleton said. “I had to step up my game.”

She had games of 150, 134 and 171 to go with 261 pins of handicap. In BTC, handicap is 90 percent of the difference a bowler averages under 220.

Timing was good for Arocho, who was bowling on a fractured or sprained ankle suffered during the bad weather earlier this month.

“Oh my God,” she said when she heard her name called as a sub for the finals.

She recently returned to area from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Herrell wrapped solid games of 235 and 216 around a big second game of 255 to go with 78 pins of handicap.

“In the third game, I moved in a couple boards and went to my Katana Slash,” said Herrell, a bus driver from Chicago.

“Another lefty and I were on the same lanes and the lanes were drying up a little bit.”

Best quote came from Darrell Johnson, a manager for the Social Service Administration.

“Hey, Rufus, we’re big time,” said Johnson, who was the final qualifier.

He was congratulating Rufus Coleman, a Chicago retiree who also bowled at Skyway Bowl and finished second with a 707. Brian Rheaume, a computer consultant from Chicago, was the only man advancing who came from Diversey River Bowl.

Karen Mrozek, a Chicago retiree who made the finals in 1970s and won a microwave, was second with a 684. Other women advancing to the finals were Lisa Marraqurin-Nunez, a banker from Chicago, Theresa Kelsey, a Chicago retiree, and Lorraine Moore, an RN at St. Bernard Hospital.

In the finals, the top prize for both the men and women is $7,500.

Here are the scores:

Section 3 Sectional
Diversey River Bowl, Chicago
Sunday's Results
(Top five women and top four men, pending verification, advance to the finals)
Bowler, Center G1-G2-G3-Hdp--Tot
Mabel Dolleton, Habetler 150-134-171-261-716
Karen Mrozek, Lawn 135-172-199-178--684
Lisa Marraqurin-Nunez, Lawn 117-144-176-237--674
Theresa Kelsey, Bluebird 160-177-159-170--666
Lorraine Moore, Skyway 123-161-122-248--654
Carmen Arocho, Diversey 111-138-126-270--645
Myra Simmons, Skyway 121-165-163-194--643
Katelyn Bleach, Diversey 137-141-158-199--635
Olinda Mckinley, Skyway 154-168-123-189--634
Angelica Sanchez, Habetler 127-95-145-267--634
Alissa Hale Wallace, Bluebird 147-154-170-159--630
Mary Carrington, Skyway 196-146-104-183--629
Irene Brown, Habetler 200-215-196-16--627
Joyce Ukleja, Habetler 137-145-117-224--623
Sherri Lee, Habetler 111-144-132-234--621
Vicki Banks, Habetler 174-164-137-145--620
Joann Boston, Skyway 163-161-113-183--620
Amy Petty, Bluebird 148-127-149-194--618
Kara Taylor, Skyway 114-113-130-261--618
Michelle Robinson, Bluebird 113-149-138-216--616
Madeline Ramirez, Habetler 143-154-200-113-610
Katie Bunt, Timber 126-1114-99-270--609
Maggie Boykin, Skyway 157-231-146-75--609
Loretta Sykes, Lawn 137-109-92-270--608
Ethel Batie-Banks, Skyway 134-125-150-191--600
Chacha Garcia, Lawn 129-105-94-270--598
Tracy Yanes, Timber 115-106-108-267--596
Sonia Jenkins, Skyway 135-135-145-180--595
Zephrya Freeman, Bluebird 161-190-216-21--588
Patricia Reed, Skyway 106-122-111-248--587
Ryzza Panganiban, Habetler 116-151-163-153--583
Cheryl Pearson, Lawn 110-132-1112-226--580
Terri Johnican, Bluebird 119-125-125-210--579
Maria Paula Cabrera, Habetler 83-114-109-270--576
Bonnie Petriekis, Bluebird 120-133-139-194--576
Shirley Toles, Bluebird 132-132-91-213--568
Tracy Banks, Bluebird 175-136-155-99--565
Doris Cajigas, Habetler 125-143-118-145--531
Kristi Kemper, Timber 83-86-83-270--522 
Bowler, Center G1-G2-G3-Hdp--Tot
Melvin Herrell, Skyway 236-255-213-78--782
Rufus Coleman, Skyway 188-198-192-129--707
Brian Rheaume, Diversey 177-208-151-162--698
Darrell Johnson, Skyway 248-217-169-59--693
Christopher Fahy, Timber 190-201-182-108--681
Calvin Taylor, Bluebird 166-202-227-75--670
Mike Monczynski, Lawn 235-205-190-35--665
Donnie Niego, Timber 192-155-171-145--663 
Earl Fortenberry Jr, Skyway 154-158-165-186--663
Francisco Vega Jr, Habetler 189-169-131-170--659 
Gary Watkins, Skyway 172-171-163-151--657
Walter Ricks, Skyway 152-175-172-156--655
Wade King, Bluebird 179-188-190-97--654
Francisco Aponte, Habetler 153-191-204-105--653
Jeffery Davenport, Skyway 212-213-194-32--651
Milton Graham, Lawn 157-185-181-121--644
Andre Jones, Skyway 202-141-204-97--644
Patrick Brown, Skyway 196-195-172-70--633
Scott Doerfeld, Timber 161-187-190-94--632 
William Mims, Bluebird 153-174-178-124--629
Robert Myers, Skyway 190-150-164-118--622
Nolan Spanke, Timber 133-179-128-172--616
Glenn Inouye, Habetler 158-148-183-126--615
Ken Nintile, Bluebird 141-147-148-178--614
Antonio Mccurine, Bluebird 186-229-197-0--612
John Mckendrick, Timber 147-178-148-135--608
Marty Carroll, Diversey 132-136-119-216--603
Philip Newman, Skyway 134-125-180-162--601
Keith Whitted, Bluebird 215-186-182-18--601
Miguel Avelar, Lawn 145-193-136-116--590
Jeff Green, Timber 99-198-179-110--586
Donald Powell, Skyway 152-215-190-29--586 
Steve Hamburg, Habetler 157-152-144--132--585
Mike Krzyndzinski, Habetler 153-152-183-94--582
Clarence Dixon, Skyway 102-124-137-216--579
Mike Maize, Habetler 171-157-191-59--578
Matt Wechler, Timber 126-142-145-164-577
Jermaine Robinson, Bluebird 168-181-180-48--577
Miguel Berrios, Habetler 178-182-176-35--571
Brian Gallacher, Bluebird 170-180-171-48--571 
Christian Pimentel, Habetler 195-182-189-5--571
Tony Bargas, Lawn 215-159-151-45--570
Harold Harper, Bluebird 154-148-135-129--566
Mike Patock, Habetler 174-187-164-40--565
Gerry Zimmerman, Habetler 143-178-176-67--564 
Mike Prodromos, Timber 157-191-131-81--560
Mike Shviraga, Habetler 146-142-170-91--549 
Ramiro Garcia, Lawn 216-155-157-16--544
John Knickelbine, Timber 114-148-175-105--542
Art Koegel, Habetler 150-175-118-97--540
Gordon Scales, Bluebird 137-191-185-24--537
Michael Stricklin, Waveland 179-133-160-56--528
Darren Sharpe, Bluebird 111-169-175-72--527
John Gonzalez, Lawn 149-150-140-75--514
PRIZE NOTE: Top male and female bowlers in each sectional receive either a  Storm Roto Grip or Hammer Black Widow.
FINALS SCHEDULE: Men's, noon, March 3, Beverly Lanes, Arlington Heights; women's, 2 p.m. March 10, Liberty Lanes, Carpentersville.