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Bernie Daley not one to put up with racially suggestive plant holders

William and Bernadette "Bernie" Daley. | Proved photo

Way to go, Bernie!

Say no more to the Blackamoors!

Former U.S. Commerce Secretary Bill Daley’s wife, Bernie, is no politician.

But she could be.


Shortly after Bill and Bernie (nee Bernadette Keller), an organ donor who is the founding member and director of the Chicago Transplant Ethics Consortium, moved into their tony Gold Coast address housing a roll call of the city’s rich and powerful — Bernie noticed something she found offensive.


• To wit: The two plant holders sprouting lush greenery astride their building’s lobby fireplace were in fact “Blackamoors” — African lawn jockeys/servants considered racist by many; highly prized in the 1800s to signal an owner’s wealth; and regarded by some as antique collectibles.

Sneed is told Bernie finally got her dander up last fall following a media flap over news a member of the British royal family sported a Blackamoor pin to a party for Prince Harry’s biracial fiancée, Meghan Markle.

“That’s when Bernie decided to act,” said Daley.

Daley, who claims he was equally offended by the lobby presence of the Blackamoors, verified a report his wife “sent a letter to the building’s board and other owners asking to get rid of them,” he said.

Word is the board initially balked, some arguing they were pieces of art.

Undaunted, an indomitable Bernie then sent a letter to all the residents.

“Many people expressed their opinion and the majority of the owners finally voted to remove the Blackamoors,” said Daley.

“Look, they [Blackamoors] were in the lobby; the entrance to all our homes. It just wasn’t right,” said Daley, who is very proud of his wife’s action.

Bravo, Bernie.

Where’s Hillary?

Mark your calendar?


Former Dem presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may be heading to Chicago next month following her deliverance of an address honoring the late first lady Betty Ford in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is located.

Pass the cookies, please! 

Sister Jean sugar cookies were provided by Three Tarts Bakery & Cafe. | Provided photo

Check out the Sister Jean sugar cookies baked up by Loyola alumna Kate Rooney, who owns the yummy Three Tarts Bakery and Cafe in Northfield.

Lost in the mail?

Or is it a case of secret snail mail?

Singer Elton “Candle in the Wind” John, who rewrote the lyrics for the funeral of Princess Diana — mother of the soon-to-be married Prince Harry — is telling the press he has yet to receive an invite to Harry’s wedding to American-born Meghan Markle despite word the invites had already gone out for the May 19 wedding.


Foxy loxy.

Do you send an invite to an entertainer, or do you send a contract?

Please note: No one had come forth publicly who received an invite to the royal nuptials.

Queen mum’s the word.


Oui. Oui.

In case you didn’t already know, President Donald Trump is planning to host French President Emmanuel Macron to a private dinner April 23 at Mount Vernon, the home of President George Washington, the man who was credited for never telling a lie.

The Good Friday cross at St. Sabina Church. | Photo courtesy of the Rev. Michael Pfleger

Sneedlings . . .

An Easter note: Check out the Good Friday cross erected at St. Sabina Church on the South Side this week. . . . Chicago-born Kelly Fisher Katz, chairman of the Kennedy Center National Committee for the Performing Arts, is bringing their big board meeting to Chicago in the fall and was spotted checking out locations last week with Deborah Rutter, former president of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. . . . Saturday’s birthday: Christopher Walken, 75; Al Gore, 70; and State Rep. Jim Durkin, ageless thus far. . . . Sunday’s birthdays: Brook Lopez, 30; Rachel Maddow, 45; and Susan Boyle, 57.