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A better, cheaper popcorn? It’s in the bag

It’s awards season, and what better way to watch the shows than with a bowl of popcorn?

But what you don’t want to use is microwave popcorn in those bags. It’s the bags that have sparked concerns that the chemicals in their linings do bad things to our bodies.

Making popcorn in a bag is still doable, cheaper and tastier in this DIY version.

All you have to do is put popcorn in a plain brown bag, the type we used to pack lunches in not that long ago. (I go for the American-made bags; not sure I trust other countries to make them without adding some chemical that should not be there.)

Use ⅓ cup of kernels then add in 2 tablespoons of oil. I shake the bag around a bit, to get the oil on all the kernels. Fold over the top a couple times, then put the bag on its side. (I put mine on a plate. Neater that way.)

(Note: if you are fat-phobic and don’t want to use oil, then don’t.)

Then put it in the microwave. Depending on your microwave, it can take anywhere from 2:15 minutes to more than 3 minutes. Take it out and carefully open the bag and pour the contents into a bowl. Add melted butter and other toppings as you like.

Couldn’t be simpler!