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BROWN: No resisting readers’ views on Trump impeachment

President Donald Trump gives a speech on tax reform

President Donald Trump. | Getty Images

It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve asked, but today’s the day:

What can Brown do for you?

“I try to consider others’ views but this article [Re: ‘Trump impeachment effort too little, too soon’] leaves me puzzled. Why do you dislike our President so much?”

“He wants to strengthen our military, shrink the size of government, lower corporate and individual taxes, and he wants to take care of America first before we try to help others. He’s donated his Presidential salary to various causes, and he’s not a career politician. Should I consider you a resister or a reporter? Please look for the good in people. I know I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. One is getting to see your opinion/columns in print, and the other is that I believe President Trump wants to help America be better.— Bob Knoop

Thanks, Bob. I can see the good in you, a faithful Sun-Times’ reader, but, try as I might, I haven’t found it in Trump. On this Thanksgiving, I will be thankful that he’s almost made it through his first year in office without suspending civil liberties or blowing up the world.


“Not surprised at all that some want Trump out. A lot of people just don’t like him. If Clinton would have been elected, there would have been calls for her impeachment. My co-workers and I have tolerated Trump’s shortcomings because our profits are up 82% this year, and we have been very busy all year. I don’t know yet whether we are in the majority or minority on this. Keep up the good work.” — Richard Ott

OK, I also am thankful for the growth in my 401k, but if I am compelled to credit that to Trump, am I also allowed to blame him when it drops?

“I agree 100 percent, although I don’t understand how you can rule out emoluments at this point. I wish you had offered a brief explanation.” — Sean Nettle, Homewood

What I wrote was that if the special prosecutor’s investigation reveals a truly impeachable offense “it won’t involve a legalistic violation of the emoluments clause.” Meaning: This stuff about Trump profiting from his new hotel in Washington doesn’t cut it. What has been revealed to date is sleazy — but not impeachable.

“The sooner Trump is removed from office the better. There is a strong case to make that having Trump in the White House is a threat to mankind.” — Dennis Collins

I hope we never have specific cause to make that case, at least not before the next election.

“Hey, Baldy. They really love Trump overseas, a real man compared to that [bleeping N-word] sissy Muslim.” — Ed White

Ed actually went on at some length in this vein. He always does. I wish I could share his email address so you could let him know how much his views are appreciated, but that would be unfair. I also should introduce Bob to Ed, so that Bob would better understand why I choose to be a resister.

“You’re right in a ton of stuff in your article, and I voted for [Trump.] He’s dangerously petty and immature. I voted for him because the other choice was worse I believe! And still do. The Clintons are both dishonest and unethical as you say. Nobody won!” — Rich Sexton

I understand that’s the judgment many of you made. I never wanted the Clintons back in our lives, either. Once was plenty. But I agree with the 65.8 million Americans who voted for her over the 63 million who voted for Trump.

“I love that jackasses like you are so mad that Trump got elected. So glad to hear you squirm.” — Carl Wasserman

I’ll either have to learn to squirm more quietly — or more loudly.