The 15-unit apartment building where Alexis Stubbs was stabbed to death is part of a government-subsidized housing network that helps individuals and families affected by HIV and AIDS get back on their feet.

Alexis was well-liked by her neighbors and workers in her normally quiet building in the 4600 block of North Beacon in the Sheridan Park neighborhood. It’s owned by Chicago House and Social Service agency, a not-for-profit organization that has roughly a $6 million annual budget, about $4 million of which comes from taxpayers.

In addition to the Sheridan Park building, Chicago House also manages facilities in the West Town and Edgewater neighborhoods, as well as 137 “scattered site” apartments throughout the city, according to the organization’s Internal Revenue Service filing for 2015.

The organization offers social service programs to residents. For example, the building where Alexis lived is home to “the family support program,” which serves 15 HIV- and AIDS-affected families. About 40 children lived there as of 2015, according to the organization’s report to the IRS.

Other Chicago House programs include a 16-bedroom facility that serves as a first step for people coming directly from the streets or homeless shelters.

Some of those that live at Chicago House locations come by way of a City of Chicago referral system; others apply to live at one of the facilities. Applicants must be 18 or older and diagnosed with HIV or AIDS in order to qualify for housing.

Alexis’ alleged killer, John Singleton, had just been released from prison and wanted to stay long-term in the apartment Alexis shared with her mother, prosecutors said Tuesday. But Alexis’ mother knew hosting convicted felons at the apartment for longer than a week was a lease violation that could get her kicked out of the building.

Alexis’ mother had ordered Singleton out of the apartment on Sunday, shortly before he killed the girl.