These are among the official symbols of the state of Illinois. Chose the correct answer from the multiple choices below. [Click here to see answers.]

Amphibian: a.) wood frog; b.) Eastern tiger salamander; c.) American toad

Animal: a.) white-tailed deer; b.) Mallard tuck; c.) Eastern cottontail rabbit

Artifact: a.) pirogue; b.) Cahokia Mounds tri-point; c.) Birdman tablet

Bird: a.) Bluebird; b.) Eastern oriole; c.) Northern cardinal

Exercise: a.) hiking; b.) cycling; c.) Ashtanga yoga

Fish: a.) bluegill; b.) alewives; c.) perch

Flower: a.) wild rose; b.) goldenrod; c. violet

Folk dance: a.) polka; b.) square dance; c.) stepping

Fossil: a.) Tully monster; b.) trilobite; c.) American mastodon

Fruit: a.) sour cherry; b.) wild blueberry; c.) Goldrush apple

Insect: a.) zebra swallowtail; b.) praying mantis; c.) monarch butterfly

Mineral: a.) limestone b.) fluorite; c.) dolomite

Motto: a.) Land of Lincoln; b.) State sovereignty, national union; c.) the Prairie State

Pie: a.) pumpkin; b.) apple; c.) banana cream

Prairie grass: a.) big bluestem; b.) little bluestem; c.) wheat

Reptile: a.) Eastern box turtle; b.) common garter snake; c.) painted turtle

Tree: a.) white oak; b.) black walnut; c.) white pine