Our Pledge To You


For Catt Sadler of E!, inspiration comes from the stars


Her days are spent interviewing the rich and (in)famous. It follows that the woman who sits down with Angelina and Reese feels the guilt when a plate of extra crispy fries are in the vicinity.

“The other day, I had burgers with my kids. They had the real ones,” says Catt Sadler, 40 and mom to sons Austin, 13, and Arion, 9. “I had a veggie burger. My kids were like, ‘Come on, Mooooom! Have a real burger. Live!’ ’”

“I gave them their sides, which were not only fries, and said, ‘You’ll thank me later for adding a side of broccoli,’ ” says the small-screen beauty and correspondent for E! News.

The Indiana native who appeared in the movie “Hoosiers” at age 11 says that brushing designer sleeves with Hollywood’s A-list women helps keep her on a healthy plan. “I’m so inspired by these strong females doing their thing, hustling and balancing it all. I interviewed Fergie a few weeks ago and she’s a mom doing everything.

“I get off on it,” says Sadler, who is married to British film producer Rhys David Thomas. “It’s not easy for women who have so many balls in the air and have to deal with their own health and aging issues in addition to working and raising children.”

To make things a little easier, Sadler has partnered with Bausch + Lomb to talk about travel and contact lens wear. “I used to be that girl looking for her glasses,” she says. “I finally turned to contacts, but then I had to deal with keeping my eyes moist during the day. This product really helps.”

“It’s all about what works,” she says.

Her other wellness tips that work:

• DETOX FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. “I’m a big believer in adding lemons and cucumbers to water. It’s very refreshing to start with that drink instead of coffee,” she says. “Lemons give you that glow, and especially during awards season the lemon water gets rid of the water you’re retaining inside your body.”

• GET OUT OF YOUR EXERCISE RUT. “I go through phases where I go three months without exercising,” she says. “Then I miss it. I feel different. I’m not as alert and my body feels sluggish.” She adds, “Your mind plays tricks on you. It tells you that you don’t want to do it, but you must do it. … Just get out there for 25 minutes. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the more you enjoy it.”

• YES, YOU CAN RUN. “I’m not a runner at all,” she says. “That’s the one exercise I grew up hating because I could never run more than a mile and it was hard for me.” Yet, she still ran her first half marathon several years ago. “It was such a challenge, but I accepted it as a goal. I just did it.” She recently signed up to run another. “There is something very sexy about a commitment. If you say you will do it then probably you will do it.” She adds, “I’m not good at it and I’m not winning any races. It’s fun to set a goal and hold yourself accountable.”

• TRY HOT YOGA. “It’s a good thing for body and soul. Plus, hot yoga detoxes your skin. I love that it’s really hard.”

• EAT WELL. MOST OF THE TIME. “I’m pretty good. I’m not going to lie and say I’m perfect because I’m not,” she says. “I saw ‘Food Inc.,’ which made me look at food differently. Now, I shop at farmer’s markets. I haven’t done meats this year. I do a lot of fish and really pay attention to food. I want to make sure my kids get everything they need for optimal health.”

• SCHEDULE A SPLURGE. “I do splurge on weekends. You need to give yourself a break,” she says.

• FIND YOUR ROLE MODELS. “I just talked to Jennifer Lopez and I left energized,” she says. “She’s in her mid-40s and looks phenomenal. She glows. I had to ask J. Lo, ‘When do you sleep?’ But then I realized she’s not sleeping that much. Beyonce is not sleeping. These women make it happen — and that’s the point.”