Less than a week after giving $1 million to Chicago Public Schools, Chance the Rapper announced Thursday that another nine schools will receive $10,000 each from his foundation, SocialWorks.

Chance, born Chancelor Bennett, tweeted that the money — aimed at supporting arts education — would be doled out to: Nathan S. Davis Elementary School; Mahalia Jackson Elementary School; Charles Carroll Elementary School; Roberto Clemente High School; Paul Robeson High School; Orr Academy High School; Hirsch Metropolitan High School; Benito Juarez Community Academy; and Fenger Academy High School.

The latest nine donations are part of a promise from SocialWorks that for every $100,000 it takes in, $10,000 would be sent to a specific school.

The first $10,000 donation went to Westscott Elementary School, where Chance attended and where his $1 million donation was announced last week.

Chance had inserted himself into the political world of education funding after Rauner tweeted him congratulations for winning three Grammy awards. The 23-year-old rapper seized the moment to call for a meeting with the Republican governor — and landed one.

But Chance exited last Friday’s meeting “frustrated” and “flustered,” complaining of vague answers from Rauner, who has borne the brunt of CPS’ blame for a $215 million budget gap that has threatened to cut the school year short, and on Monday, he told Rauner, “Do your job.”