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Field Museum’s T. rex Sue to be moved Monday for new display

Sue the T-rex at the Field Museum of Natural History. | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

Sue the T. rex, a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil that’s been on prominent display at Chicago’s Field Museum, is being moved to make room for a cast of the biggest dinosaur ever discovered.

Officials with the Field Museum say the fossil, which has been at the museum since 2000, will be moved on Monday. The specimen will be updated and moved upstairs to a private suite opening in 2019.

Paleontologist Sue, who found Sue the T. rex, dishes on move
Field Museum dinosaur shuffle: Titanosaur coming, SUE on the move

The changes are part of an overhaul to the lakefront museum’s main hall.

A 122-foot-long titanosaur, a Patagotitan mayorum from Argentina, is expected to arrive in June. It’ll take up a third of the main hall with its head peeking over a 28-foot, second-floor balcony.