A Chicago teacher got a huge surprise Thursday when “Good Morning America” showed up to her school with $300,000 worth of school supplies.

It all started when Kimber Bermudez, a teacher at Carlos Fuentes Elementary School in Avondale, was talking with a seatmate during a flight about her students’ needs. A man sitting behind her tapped her shoulder, handed her a “wad of cash” and told her to “do something amazing” with it. By the end of the flight, she had $530, all from strangers.

Bermudez posted the story on Facebook with a photo of the money, and the post went viral.

Thursday, the whole student body gathered outside the school to show Bermudez their new backpacks full of school supplies, thanks to the Kids in Need Foundation.

But that wasn’t all. Two trucks pulled up in front of the school with tons of supplies: 5,000 books, 3 tons of paper, 6,200 glue sticks and more.

Bermudez was taken aback by the gesture. “They deserve it,” she said on GMA.

Renay Dossman, executive director of the Kids in Need Foundation, grew up in Chicago. The donation meant something special to her, too.

“I’m from Cabrini-Green . . . so I know firsthand what it’s like not to have the supplies you need in the classroom,” Dossman said on GMA.