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Donald Trump: ‘Be careful!’

Editor’s note: We asked New York real estate developer Donald Trump to weigh in on an effort to designate Chicago’s Hancock Center a city landmark. Trump ran into criticism when he put his name in big letters — TRUMP — on his own Chicago skyscraper at Wabash Avenue and Chicago River. Here’s Trump’s reply:

The idea of imposing landmark status on buildings to prevent the owners from making any changes, many for the better, is a slippery slope. It is understandable that a city would want to protect its more iconic buildings, but it is also important to realize that many great improvements can take place that are good for the public and are superior.

I’ve read about the John Hancock Center and that there is an effort to landmark this building for the purpose of restraining the owners from renovating the front of the building. The Hancock Plaza would supposedly be compromised by this glass enclosure. All I can say is “be careful!”