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Fallon keeps deal with Emanuel, brings ‘Tonight Show’ to Chicago

Jimmy Fallon is coming back to Chicago and this time, he’s bringing “The Tonight Show” with him.

The late-night host announced on Thursday’s program that he’ll broadcast his NBC chatfest from Chicago thanks to a deal he sealed with Rahm Emanuel when the mayor was a guest on “The Tonight Show” in June. Emanuel had used his not-so-subtle powers of persuasion to make Fallon promise — over a handshake on national TV — to bring the show to Chicago if city kids hit the books.

“A few months ago Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel came on the show and threatened me,” joked Fallon, whose supposed fear of the mayor was the genesis of their latest wager. “No, he made a friendly bet with me and said if the kids of Chicago read 2.4 million books over the summer we’d take the show there for a visit. Well the kids didn’t read 2.4 million books. They read 2.7 million books.”