The family seen on Facebook Live sleeping on a CTA Blue Line train will not be accepting the $14,081 raised for them on GoFundMe.

Alexis Aguilar, the creator of the GoFundMe page, posted an update on Thursday, writing that the family “decided to not follow the requirements to legally accept this monetary donation.” GoFundMe will be issuing refunds to all those who donated.

“The mom has decided to walk away with her children and has ceased all communication with all people attempting to help,” Aguilar wrote. She did not explain why the family declined the money.

In September, Aguilar posted a Facebook Live video of the family, including six children, as they slept on the floor and seats of a CTA Blue Line car. “I saw a little girl wiggle out from under her parents feet and go back to sleep on the middle of the subway floor,” Aguilar wrote in the original GoFundMe post.

The Facebook post went viral, and the family was offered a place to stay.

“I hope this instance doesn’t affect the way you choose to give in the future,” Aguilar wrote. “God bless you all.”