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Watch: Dinosaur being assembled at Field Museum

Maximo assembled at Field Museum

Maximo, the largest dinosaur ever discovered, arrived at the Field Museum this week. | Field Museum

Máximo, the largest dinosaur ever discovered, was unveiled at the Field Museum this week.

The name “Máximo,” Spanish for “maximum,” is an ode to Argentina, where the dinosaur was discovered.

The titanosaur’s cast is 122 feet long and tall enough to reach the 28-foot balcony to the second floor. Its body takes up one-third of the museum’s Stanley Field Hall.

Watch a time-lapse of Máximo’s cast being assembled over three days:

The dinosaur’s cast is the only one of its kind, allowing museum-goers to touch and walk underneath it.

Máximo replaced a dinosaur that’s been one of the museum’s top attractions, SUE the T. rex. Sue will undergo a “revamping” before being moved to a gallery of her own.


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