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Forget hot yoga, the new trend is ‘snowga’

When you’re cold, your whole body tenses up. Your hands stiffen, and your shoulders creep towards your ears.

But it’s in the cold and snow that the latest yoga trend is taking off, according to the New York Times. 

They call it “Snowga” — outdoor yoga practices, often paired with outdoor winter sports like snowshoeing and skiing. The New York Times found the trend popping up in Vermont, Montana, upstate New York and Washington state.

Some teachers alter poses so they are doable with ski poles or snowshoes. Some devoted yogis looking for a colder practice found the equipment helpful, according to the article — and believe it or not, they warmed up as they moved through the poses.

Get in on the trend: If you feel stifled by the heat of Bikram yoga or confined by the studio, try taking your practice outside. While Chicago doesn’t appear to have any outdoor yoga classes yet, there are plenty in the spring and summer:

Moksha Yoga’s Free Everybody Yoga moves around city parks and pavilions in warm weather

Chicago S.U.P. Yoga offers outdoor classes and classes on Stand-Up Paddleboards, floating on the lake

Yoga at the Zoo makes it possible to practice at Lincoln Park Zoo

• Sun and Moon Beach Yoga gathers at North Avenue Beach in the summer season

Check out the New York Times article for more on Snowga, and follow #snowga to see what it looks like. You don’t need a class to do it, just some cold.