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Are your fridge and freezer ready for Thanksgiving?

PHOTO: Are the spices you’ll be needing for Thanksgiving at hand AND fresh? |  SUN-TIMES MEDIA FILE PHOTO

Well, will you look at that calendar! Thanksgiving truly is barreling toward us.

But you are not worried (well, maybe a teensy bit), because you are working ahead. You’ve got this!

Here are a few things you can do now:

  •  Clean out that freezer. Remember I suggested that if you have a dish that can be made ahead and frozen that you should do it? Well, if you are going to follow that advice, you better make sure there is room for it.
  • Don’t stop there. Clean out the refrigerator too. You are going to need room for the extra food as well as dishes relatives are bringing to share. Either eat those last two lonely pickles right now or toss that jar pronto.
  • Check your spices. Do you have what you need? Is everything fresh enough? This is a good time to check yeast, baking soda and baking powder too, since they are ingredients that do indeed expire and lose their potency.
  • Prepare for out-of-town guests. Change the linens and clean that guest room. Make sure there is room in the closet for your guests to use it, too. It doesn’t really send a signal that they’re welcome if your guests have to fight with your clothing to fit in a few items now, does it? And make sure you have enough clean towels.
  • Make your shopping list. You’re going to be buying a lot this weekend.  Don’t rely on memory. Make sure you’ve written everything down. You don’t want to forget something the meal cannot do without.

ICYMI, I’m doing a countdown to Thanksgiving. I’ve got tips on what you should be doing ahead of time here and here as well as information on making your own pie crust here and choosing a turkey here.

NOTE: Updated to correct spelling error in headline.