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Give your ears a break at Lollapalooza

PHOTO: If you’re heading to Lollapalooza this weekend, think about how you’re going to protect your ears.  |  ALEX WROBLEWSKI~SUN-TIMES MEDIA

You’ve snagged tickets for Lollapalooza this weekend, and have plans to see as many of your favorite performers as you can during one weekend.

And, you’re probably planning to keep hydrated so you don’t pass out in all the expected heat. (Bring along a hat, too!) But did you know that drinking a good amount of water while at Lolla (or any outside concert) also helps your ears?

Yep, that’s right. Staying hydrated makes the circulation of the blood to the hair in the ear’s cochlea better, according to the Hear the World Foundation. That in turn helps your hearing operate the way it should.

Weren’t thinking about your ears, were you? Well, you should. A weekend outdoors with lots of loud music can harm them, the Foundation says. So, be careful out there. Here are a couple suggestions:

We know you will have your phone with you. (How else are you going to be able to take dozens of selfies, right?) Download an app that measures background noise, the Foundation recommends.

Bring along earplugs and use them. That’ll lessen the chance of hearing damage.

Take a break. Get away from the stages from time to time and give your ears a timeout.

And after Lolla, give your ears a rest for at least 10 hours, the Foundation recommends. Your ears will thank you.