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What to do with all those hard-boiled eggs

Making a couple dozen hard-boiled eggs so the kids can decorate them always seems like a good idea when it’s happening. It’s just so much fun.

Then the day after Easter rolls around. You look at them and think: they sure are cute, but now what are we going to do with them.

Here are a couple recipe I tracked down that put hard-boiled eggs to good use and get rid of them in no time.

 If the kids are off school, here’s one from QVC — Deviled Egg Chicks — that’ll be as much fun for them to make as to eat.



Of course, egg salad is always an option. This one from callmefudge.com takes the traditional salad up a notch by adding it to a BLT.

Here’s another that sure to be a favorite with the younger crowd, since it’s one of their favorite foods: pizza! Real Simple created these, made on English Muffin, and they are well, real simple.

Add a little heat to deviled eggs with this recipe for Jalapeno Popper Deviled Eggs from iamafoodblog.com. These would also make a great party appetizer, so maybe make them midweek and have a couple friends over to visit and nosh.