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Healthy habits bring beauty without Botox, skin expert advises


She wants to stop the shots.

French skin care expert Mila Moursi doesn’t advise her celeb clients to Botox in the name of anti-aging.

“We’re talking botulism,” she said. “I tell my clients the truth about health and beauty starting with youth comes from inside and from your lifestyle. Youth comes from your mental well-being and when you stop believing in miracles.

“It’s about lifestyle, being active, a good mental outlook, and then the outside can look as good as the inside feels,” she says. “After that the skin can be scrubbed, repaired and polished without shots and you can looks decade younger.”

Many celebs are saying oui to Moursi’s skin care regime, including Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres.

Moursi, a French beauty pro who studied with top European cosmetic institutes and skin care chemists, says, “Good skin starts with good health care practices, including the idea that it’s all about balance.”

Her first tip: “Looking your best is also about alleviating as much stress as possible. If your stressed out then your inner spirit won’t shine,” she says.

“We’ve all seen someone so stunning, so beautiful. God created this beautiful creature, but there is something missing. That’s the beauty of the soul,” she said. “Stress takes away the radiance that comes from the inside.”

Second tip: “Start each day by telling yourself that you are a good human being no matter what is happening if your life. Start with the good,” she advises.

Moursi’s Advanced Skin Care line has 19 products from cleansers to toners to creams and serums that are layered to combat skin issues and help with anti-aging.

Here are her tips for having the healthiest skin possible:


“I don’t always have an amazing diet,” Moursi admitted. “When I wake up, I can’t eat, which is a problem. You do need to stay healthy by fueling, so I try to have an egg or yogurt in the morning. My lunches usually revolve around a salad with a protein. I love to eat dinner early and crave a homemade soup or a piece of fish and grilled veggies. A simple meal promotes great health.”

What does she avoid? “I’m not a big eater and I don’t eat much sugar, but I don’t deny myself completely. Instead of snacking at night, I love an afternoon tea with a cookie.”

Her advice: “At a certain age, really stop the sugar. It’s poisonous to your body. Or limit it. It not only wreaks havoc on your skin, but it’s just not healthy. As far as your skin goes, I can see client’s skin shrinking from sugar. And don’t eat chemicals, which means no processed foods and no soda. Soda is toxic. Have a real soda once in awhile, but never diet.”


“I walk all day long,” she says. “You must move, and walking is easy and inexpensive. Just walk everywhere.”


“I start each day with hot water and lemon. It tastes so good and is a great way to start your day while detoxing,” she says.


“I believe that dry brushing is great for the entire body,” says Moursi, whose skin care line debuts this spring. “We’re including a brush with our body products. Dry brushing not only gets your skin ready for moisturizer to penetrate, but it detoxes the skin. Your skin can be toxic, and dry brushing gets rid of that problem.” She adds, “After dry brushing, try a nice oil to moisturize, especially in the cold weather months.”


“My lifestyle includes meditation,” says Moursi. “I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and just listen to the trees and the birds. I really look at my cup as half full. This gets me prepared for the day whether it’s a negative or positive one.”