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Interactive graphic: Charting Chicago’s voter turnout

How many people have been turning out to the polls today?

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners is keeping track of the numbers and updating them throughout the day.

Voter turnout in midterm elections always takes a hit, compared to years with presidential elections.

From Pew Research:

“In 2008, for instance, 57.1% of the voting-age population cast ballots — the highest level in four decades — as Barack Obama became the first African American elected president. But two years later only 36.9% voted in the midterm election that put the House back in Republican hands. For Obama’s re-election in 2012, turnout rebounded to 53.7%.”

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The final numbers show 36.4 percent of registered voters in Chicago hit the polls on Tuesday. Chicago’s 15th Ward has the lowest turnout at 22.2 percent, while the 19th Ward killed it at 52.3 percent.

Here’s a closer look at the latest numbers: