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Sneed scoop: Daughter of Chicago’s 1st female mayor to chair Mendoza’s campaign

Kathy Byrne

Kathy Byrne, daughter of former Mayor Jane Byrn | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times file photo

Sneed has learned that mayoral candidate Susana Mendoza has chosen Kathy Byrne, the daughter of former mayor Jane Byrne, to be the chairperson of her campaign.

Reached by phone, Kathy Byrne said, “I am thrilled that Susana chose me for this job. And I look forward to working for the second woman who may become mayor of Chicago. I’ve been impressed with her for a long time. I’ve watched her performance. She has got some strength [to stand up] against all the bullyboys, and I look forward to fighting on her behalf for the people of Chicago.

“Ironically, mom died four years ago today. And I remember taking her to Rahm Emanuel’s inauguration and meeting Susana Mendoza when she was being inaugurated as city clerk. Susana was there with her mother in a wheelchair. And so was mine. It was a lovely introduction.”

A spokesman for the Mendoza campaign said it was “honored” to have Byrne as its campaign chairperson and act as its surrogate.

Mendoza announced her run for mayor Wednesday morning, joining more than a dozen candidates in the race. Jane Byrne was mayor of Chicago from 1979 to 1983.


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