On Monday, a special prosecutor looking into the shooting death of Laquan McDonald stated that there will be no further indictments of police officers. That leaves three patrol officers and a detective who have been indicted.

In recent months, cries for reform have haunted the Chicago Police department, but the glaringly most important part of reform would be improved supervision and accountability. Without that, all the reform in the world is a waste of taxpayer money. Those four officers had supervisors, and those supervisors had command staff who should have been accountable for the entire Laquan McDonald investigation.

If the four indicted officers are being held to account because of the video of the McDonald shooting, it begs the question of how many supervisors and command staff saw the same video and still signed off on accounts of the investigation. Are the four indicted officers scapegoats or low-hanging fruit in this case?

If there is going to be reform, it must start at the top by holding supervisors and command staff responsible for the actions of subordinates. Supervision sets the tone and leads the way. I was a Chicago police officer for 33 years, including 19 years as a street supervisor. It is baffling to me that no supervisors or command staff are being held accountable.

Bob Angone , Miramar Beach, Florida

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Mr. Trump, tear down this wall!

Native Americans lived in North America long before Europeans or Spaniards or any other people arrived here. When the new arrivals came, they killed the Native Americans and drove them to what we called “reservations.” A reservation is a piece of land that is barely tillable for farming. Some reservations are also part of a mountainous area.

How we treated the American Indian is a part of our nation’s heritage that we are not proud of. Yet this is how the U.S. was started. And, sadly, we still do not respect or care much about the American Indian people.

How things can change. Most of our ancestors in this country were immigrants. Yet today, the children of the immigrants and some immigrants themselves do not want to allow in any other immigrants. Our president, Donald Trump, even tries ban immigrants from entire countries.

Now, let’s turn to the border wall that Trump wants to build to wall-off Mexico.

Back in 1987, President Ronald Reagan gave a speech in Germany at the Brandenburg Gate. In that fine speech, he pointed to the Berlin wall separating East and West Germany and said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” and “open this gate.” The free world cheered! The Berlin wall did come down, and what a taste of freedom the German people experienced.

All things considered, I believe the existing wall between Mexico and the USA should come down now. If we can cheer for the German people as their wall came down, giving them freedom, then as thankful Americans we should do the same for our southwestern neighbors. We should tear down the existing wall and cancel any plans by Trump to erect new walls.

We get along fine with our Canadian neighbors without a wall. We could do the same along our southwestern border.  As caring citizens of the United States, we should say, “Mr. Trump, tear down this wall!”

Dean Koldenhoven, Palos Heights

Obamacare confusion

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation right now about the future of the Affordable Care Act and open enrollment for purchasing healthcare through Healthcare.gov. Many solo entrepreneurs and small business employees rely on the ACA marketplaces for their health insurance, so it’s crucial that small business owners learn about their options and get covered early.

It’s important to know that open enrollment is shorter this year, running only from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15. Recent cuts to advertising and enrollment assistance also may make it harder to find the information you need to enroll, but many organizations are stepping up to fill this gap. What’s more, contrary to some claims, most customers won’t see huge cost increases; in fact, 8 out of 10 enrollees will be able to find a plan for $75 a month or less.

The ACA is still the law of the land, and it’s important for small business owners, employees and self-employed individuals to learn about their options now and make sure they are covered for 2018!

Geraldine Sanchez Aglipay
Illinois Outreach Manager
Small Business Majority