The only thing better than the 170 scheduled act at Chicago’s largest music festival is the food.

Lollapalooza has 38 food vendors, located along Columbus drive. Some of the vendors include Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Billy Goat Tavern & Grill and The Purple Pig.

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Amanda Svachula went around Lollapalooza on Thursday to see what people were chowing down on.

1. Parmesan Chive Chips from BJ’s Bakery

Lolla Noms: Parmesan chive chips | Amanda Svachula/Sun-Times

Nick Jacus, a 20-year-old festival goer from Chicago, shared the parmesan chive chips with his two friends.

“The food is very good here,” Jacus said. “I think it’s better than Taste of Chicago.”

2. Sriracha Fries and Chicken Skewers from Tank Noodle

Lolla Noms: Sriracha fries and chicken skewers | Amanda Svachula/Sun-Times

Bruce Derrick, 20 of Chicago, ate the Sriracha fries and chicken skewers in the shade between shows on Thursday at Lollapalooza.

“It must be pretty good because a lot of people keep asking for it,” Derrick said.

3. Havarti Mac ‘n Cheese from Sausage House

Lollapalooza Noms: Festival Mac n’ Cheese | Amanada Svachula/Sun-Times

Anissa Wolfe, 20 of Ohio, ate Havarti and sweet corn macaroni and cheese for lunch on Thursday. She said she’s attended Lollapalooza every year since she was 16.

“I would say the food[at Lolla] is really good, especially compared to other music festivals,” Wolfe said.

4. Tenderizer Bacon Grilled Cheese from Cheesies

Lolla Noms: Tenderizer Grilled Cheese | Amanda Svachula/Sun-Times


Madison Bond enjoyed a three-cheese and bacon grilled sandwich from Cheesies at Lolla on Thursday.

“I’ve had it before because I got to Loyola, but it’s so good,” said Bond, who is a 20 year old from Memphis, Tennessee.

5. Black Bean and Corn Tamales from Dias de los Tamales

Lolla Noms: Black bean and corn tamales | Amanda Svachula/Sun-Times

Anna Palermo, 20, had black bean and corn tamales for lunch on Thursday.

“This is my fourth year,” said Palermo, who trekked to Grant Park from Orland Park. “I like the food. The different bands they have every year — always someone to look forward to. I am excited for Cage the Elephant today.”

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