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Man charged with burglarizing vehicles in North Aurora

Sun-Times file photo

A man was charged with burglarizing vehicles Monday morning in North Aurora.

Jovany Marquez-Vanegas, 19, of Aurora, was charged with burglary to a motor vehicle and criminal trespass to a vehicle, according to North Aurora police.

Jovany Marquez-Venegas | North Aurora Police Department

About 5:15 a.m., authorities responded to a suspicious red Toyota that had been parked in front of someone’s house for about 45 minutes, police said.

When police searched the area, they found Marquez-Vanegas exiting a white Toyota Camry with a pocket knife and $23 in cash that did not belong to him, police said.

Officers arrested Marquez-Vanegas and recovered two iPods, a Visa gift card and two flashlights, police said. Marquez-Venegas had also broken into two other vehicles but hadn’t stolen anything.

He was held at Kane County Jail with a $10,000 bond, police said.