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Moderation is key for diabetics navigating Valentine’s Day

We’re heading into a weekend that can derail even the most disciplined of healthful eaters.

Valentine’s Day isn’t until Sunday, which means there’s an entire weekend ahead of us of the sweet holiday. It’s going to be a tough time to stick to your eating plan.

That’s not great if you are trying to lose weight and it can be even more serious for diabetics. 

We hear about the heart so much at Valentine’s Day, and that’s exactly the organ the American Association of Diabetes Educators wants those with the chronic disease to think about this holiday weekend.

Here are some suggestions on how to get through this weekend of indulgence:

Easy on the candy. And other desserts. Now, this doesn’t meant that any sweet is a no-no; instead, have a reasonable portion. (Just because someone gives you an entire box doesn’t mean you must eat it all in one sitting.) Adjust for sweets; if you’re having one, cut down on the carbs in the rest of your meal.

Watch the booze, too. Once again what you are going for is moderation. The AADE says women should limit themselves to one drink a day; two, for men.

Move! If you have had sweets, alcohol or too much food, you need to offset any negative effects. The best way to do that is with physical activity so you can stabilize your blood glucose levels.

The AADE also reminds that while family history is one predictor of heart disease and that cannot be changed, other factors — obesity, smoking, uncontrolled stress and high cholesterol — all can be changed and managed.

FILE PHOTO: Charles Bennett~AP