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Modern Santa would have tattoos, skinny jeans, Amazon Prime subscription: survey

Santa Claus, as played by Tim Allen, is the man with the plan at the North Pole in "The Santa Clause 2." | SHNS photo by Joseph Lederer / Walt Disney Pictures

After hundreds of years of being fat and jolly, a new survey says some people believe Santa Claus is due for a major makeover.

But what would a modern-day Santa look like?

Graphic Springs, a logo design company, asked that question to 400 people from the U.S. and the United Kingdom, and the results were pretty surprising.

Some people suggested today’s Santa would ditch the red-and-white jumpsuit and black boots for a pair of skinny jeans and high-top sneakers, according to the survey. In order for the big man to fit in those tight pants, people said Santa would go on a diet. (That might mean that children would leave out vegetables, hummus and a can of LaCroix for him rather than milk and cookies.)

Oh, and as for his curly white hair? That style was so early 1800s.

The modern Santa would likely trim his hair, groom his beard and add a few tattoos.

But not only does this new Santa look rad, he’s also up-to-speed with today’s technology.

There would be no need for Rudolph & Co. to guide his sled because Kris Kringle would travel in a flying car. He would also have an Amazon Prime subscription and iPhone.

As for his gender identity, the majority of survey participants (70.79 percent) still believe Santa would identify as a male. However, 17 percent of people thought Santa should be gender neutral, while another 10 percent believed the magical being should identify as a female.

Asked toward the end of the survey if society should move forward with rebranding Santa, 73.44 percent of people said the icon should stay as is.