(JOLIET) A southwest suburban bar where two people were shot and another stabbed during a melee last month will remain open, but with strict new regulations, according to the city.

Officers were called at 12:42 a.m. July 23 to a “large disturbance” at Anthony’s Restaurant and Pub at 3151 Voyager Lane in Joliet, according to Joliet police. As they were driving to the scene, a dispatcher said one woman had been shot and another knocked unconscious.

When they arrived, officers found a large group of people standing in front of the restaurant, and another group in the adjacent Toys ‘R’ Us parking lot, police said.

According to preliminary reports, the fight started in the restaurant and spilled outside after a 35-year-old woman was stabbed in her right cheek, police said. A 26-year-old woman was then knocked out in the parking lot by “unknown gang members.”

After the bedlam moved to the Toys ‘R’ Us lot, a man began shooting into the crowd, police said. A 25-year-old woman suffered a gunshot wound that pierced both her legs, and a 31-year-old man suffered a graze wound to the bottom of his foot.

The 25-year-old and 26-year-old women were taken to Saint Joseph Medical Center, police said. The 31-year-old man refused medical treatment. All suffered non-life threatening injuries. During a canvass of the area, officers found shell casings from two guns, and three vehicles with bullet holes, police said.

On Thursday, Mayor Bob O’Dekirk announced city regulators and the owners of Anthony’s reached an agreement under which the club will close no later than 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, and forfeit the entertainment permit which allows live music on the premises.

“As I do with many business owners in Joliet, I have a professional relationship with the owners of Anthony’s,” O’Dekirk said in a statement. “I appreciate the amount of money they have invested into their establishment. I enjoy eating at Anthony’s and genuinely hope that they can put their current troubles behind them.”

“Having said that, the type of activity that has happened surrounding their establishment cannot, and will not, be tolerated. The rules apply to everyone, even citizens and business owners with a connection to elected officials. The people of Joliet need to know that their elected officials will respond to any situation that is putting people in danger. … I hope that the new rules the city is imposing on Anthony’s will work and that they can continue to be a viable restaurant and bar in our community.”

Police are searching for the two alleged shooters in the incident.