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Oddsmaker sets Cubs’ win total at 89; White Sox at 80.5

While the Cubs might be favored to win the World Series, don’t expect a 100-plus win season. That’s what Atlantis Casino in Reno suggests with its opening win totals for the 2016 MLB season.

Atlantis figures the Cubs to win around 89 games and has the White Sox at 80.5. The San Francisco Giants (90) were the only team posted with a higher total than the Cubs; the Mets are at 88.

From the Sporting News Linemakers:

“Baseball fans are talking about the Cubs like they’ve already won the NL Central and World Series, and I’ve even heard a few say they’re a lock to win 100 games. But maybe we should reel in the excitement just a bit. No book is going to hang a number in the mid-90s, and in a division that they in no way have a strangehold on, 89 seems right for Chicago.”

MLB win totals for 2016

(By Atlantis Casino)

NL Central

Cubs 89
Cardinals 87.5
Pirates 87
Brewers 71.5
Reds 71

NL East

Mets 88
Nationals 87
Marlins 80.5
Braves 65
Phillies 66.5

NL West

Giants 90
Dodgers 87
D-Backs 84.5
Padres 74
Rockies 68.5

AL Central

Royals 87
Tigers 85
Indians 84
White Sox 80.5
Twins 77.5

AL East

Blue Jays 87
Red Sox 85.5
Yankees 85
Orioles 80.5
Rays 78

AL West

Rangers 86
Astros 85.5
Mariners 83
Angels 82.5
A’s 75.5