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Police investigating threatening Facebook post against Sauk Village school

Additional security was put in place Monday at a junior high school in south suburban Sauk Village after administrators learned of a Facebook post threatening to kill students.

Parents from Rickover Junior High School, at 21899 Torrence Ave., notified administrators Saturday of the threatening post on a student’s Facebook page, according to Community Consolidated Schools District 168 Superintendent Donna Leak.

The post threatened to “kill all of the students during seventh period” Monday, Leak said.

“I had a parent send me a text message asking me if I had seen it and forwarded the post to me. We immediately moved on it and contacted police,” Leak said.

The school district sent out an alert to the school’s parents via the phone system Sunday, Leak said.

Additional security was put in place at the school Monday as police “perform the investigation to finalize who the individual is who made this post,” Leak said, adding that “there is some┬ádiscrepancy in terms of what’s been released to the police department.”

As of Monday morning, no disciplinary actions have been taken against any students, Leak said.