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Poll: Mayoral race ‘too close to call’ to avoid runoff

While the five mayoral candidates are making a big push before Tuesday’s election, a new poll released Monday morning shows it’s “too close to call” whether or not Mayor Rahm Emanuel will be able to avoid a runoff.

The Ogden & Fry poll has Emanuel at 48.3 percent, while Jesus “Chuy” Garcia comes in at 26.5 percent.

Willie Wilson (15.2 percent), Bob Fioretti (6.8 percent) and William “Dock” Walls (3.3 percent) round out the field.

The poll, conducted Feb. 22, with a margin of error of +/- 3.68 percentage points, means Emanuel is within the margin of error of the 50 percent plus one he needs to avoid a runoff.

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A Chicago Tribune poll from last week had Emanuel at 45 percent.

Ogden & Fry mayoral poll

**NOTE: Ogden & Fry says the date on the most recent poll is incorrect. It was conducted Feb. 22, not Feb. 12 as it reads in the release.