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Nutritionist discusses Sam Smith’s weight loss regimen based on her book


People.com is featuring a chat with Amelia Freer, the nutritionist/author behind Grammy-winner Sam Smith’s recent and dramatic weight loss.

In the story at people.com. Freer, who has authored “Eat. Nourish. Glow,” says:

“It’s very nice for me to see the results that I do get with my clients. By someone like Sam talking about how he’s changed his diet in a healthy way without a deprivational, horrible diet, it’s opened it up to thousands of people who are now following in his footsteps. Sam has a lot of young fans, and how cool that these young kids are starting to take care of what they are eating. To me, that’s beyond awesome and a dream come true.”

Her food tips? “Organic vegetables, healthy proteins such as fish and lean meat, herbs and citrus fruits as well as eggs and avocado — her breakfast of choice.”

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