Is Cook County Jail a drone zone?

Sneed hears a CX-20 quadcopter drone was found on the lawn outside a division of Cook County Jail on Sunday afternoon at 3015 S. California.

It’s the first time a drone has ever been spotted on jail property.

• The upshot: It was a drone capable of holding a GPS position, although it had no camera — and prompted Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to order a probe of jail security concerns having drones near the jail, let alone inside the jail property.

• The buckshot: “A drone could be a vehicle to transport contraband like drugs, guns, weapons or drone parts into the jail itself,” said Sam Randall, a sheriff’s department spokesman.

No kidding.


“Thus far, we know this drone did not have a camera on it, but certainly taking pictures inside the jail is a security problem — as well as the drone being able to visualize inmates and what was going on inside the jail.

“We know this drone had a 15-minute battery and flying life and was found in between maximum and minimum security divisions, although it was located closest to the Division 11 minimum security area,” Randall added.

“One of our concerns is whether it will be necessary to make the area around the jail a no-drone zone and a no-fly zone, but we don’t know yet how that would or could be enforced,” Randall said.

“It certainly is a concern. This product, which cost ranges around $200 to $250, can come with a GPS locator.

“Although it had crashed when one of our correctional officers found it, who knows if its intention was nefarious.”

Uh . . .

Holy cow!

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