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 Is this a case of bad boogah boogah Cubs mojo?

Let’s pull up a chair.

     Let’s talk the name “Murphy,” which also happens to be the last name of New York Mets slugger Daniel Murphy — who has single-handedly given the young Chicago Cubbies a severe case of the spilkes.

     According to sports memorabilia impresario Grant DePorter, the name “Murphy” has a “foul history” with the Cubs going back to 1908, the last time the team won the World Series.

      “Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong), has certainly applied to the luckless Cubs ever since 1908,” said DePorter.

      “I discovered the connection to the name Murphy when I was reading through 1908 newspapers and looking for something that must have jinxed the Cubs after their 1908 World Series win because the Billy Goat curse started 37 years later in 1945,” he said.

       “I thought there must be something that happened after the Cubs won in 1908 . . . and there was.”

       Here’s DePorter’s recap:

       “Some believe Charles Murphy, the unpopular Cubs owner and president in 1908, changed club fortunes when he got sore over being snubbed for a celebration dinner with songwriter George M. Cohan,” said DePorter.

        “The players refused to allow the unpopular owner Charles Murphy, who had been widely criticized for his mismanagement of the World Series, to come to dinner with them to celebrate the World Series Championship. He had alienated the fans and the players by selling World Series tickets for a profit, making it difficult for loyal fans to purchase the ticket.”


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       Is the name Murphy a new Cubs curse?

Consider other “Murphy” connections cited by DePorter.

       • The goat from the notorious “Curse of the Billy Goat” was named Murphy.

     • General Manager Johnny Murphy presided over the Mets team that thumped the Cubs in 1969, and broadcaster Bob Murphy described it all.

      • The Cubbies blew the 1984 National League championship series by losing three straight at Jack Murphy Stadium, the ballpark named for Bob’s brother.

     • And now, the New York Mets’ Daniel Murphy, who has homered an astronomic seven times this postseason, is the first player to hit the long ball in six consecutive playoff games.


The Axe Man . . .

      Former White House Senior adviser and top Obama political strategist David Axelrod may hail from New York, but he is a huge Cubs fan.

“I love baseball,” Axelrod told Sneed.

     “My dad, who came to this country when he was 12, fell in love with the game. He played sandlot baseball in the Bronx with Hank Greenberg and became an all-city pitcher.

      “So when I was a kid in New York we always were at the ballparks. And I grew up a passionate Mets fan.

       “The greatest season of my life was 1969, when the Miracle Mets, who were just terrible a few years earlier, snuck up on the Cubs to win the pennant and then went on to sweep the World Series for their first title.

         “I enjoyed the Sox run in ’05, but this Cubs season is like nothing I’ve experienced since ’69.  And it’s the same deal: an improbable run from worst to first; young stars emerging; great, colorful managers — Gil Hodges and Joe Maddon.

       “It’s an irresistible story.

        “And I have no problem going out to Wrigley tonight and rooting for the Cubs over these Mets.  I’ve been a Chicagoan for 43 years, and gave up on the Mets in ’77 when they traded Tom Seaver to Cinncinati!

          “Go Cubs!!”

     I’m off to the game, fingers crossed!

Sneedlings . . .

Thursday’s birthdays: Christopher Lloyd, 77; Zachary Hanson, 30, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 40.

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