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Thrive at home: 5 moves for toned arms

Jeana Anderson (above) works out at ENRGi Fitness. | Photos by Al Podgorski/Sun-Times 

People notice toned arms. Just ask first lady Michelle Obama.

And you don’t have to go to the gym to get them. Bodyweight exercises — with no equipment — will do the job just fine.

If you are looking to tone up your arms before you go sleeveless for the summer, you can get started now, at home, with these five moves from trainer and A Sweat Life fitness blogger Jeana Anderson. Do each move for 50 seconds, resting for ten seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Repeat the whole series three times.

Arm circles:

THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-20_51275853 THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-21_51275857

“Start with your arms straight at shoulder height and your palms facing up. Rotate your hands in a volley ball sized circle, ending the circle with your palms facing backwards.”

Diamond push-ups:

THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-22_51275851 THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-23_51275861

“On your knees or your toes, place your hands under your chest, making a diamond shape out of your thumbs and pointer fingers. Lower down with your body moving in one straight line. As you lower, your elbows will move out. Push back up and repeat.”

Triceps extensions:

THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-24_51275863 THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-25_51275865

“Start sitting on the floor with your hands placed beneath your hips and your fingers pointed towards your body. Lift your seat off the floor and support your body weight with your arms. Start with your legs in a straight line to increase difficulty, and bend your knees to reduce difficulty. Lower down with your elbows moving back behind you and push back up.”

Arm pulses: 

THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-26_51275867  THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-27_51275883

With your arms extended straight at shoulder height, face your palms forward and pulse your hands forward. Then face your palms back with your arms in the same position and pulse back.”

Dolphin plank to pike:

THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-28_51275873 THRIVE-CST-XXXX14-29_51275875

“Starting in a forearm plank with your elbows under your shoulders and your hands planted in front of your elbows, alternate between a forearm plank and a pike position.”