The nation’s top collegiate trivia talent gathered in Chicago over the weekend for a general knowledge showdown.

Emerging victorious was a squad from Yale University. Students from the University of California Berkeley came in second. A team from the University of Chicago was third.

The 2018 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament, which was held over the weekend at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, included 36 teams. Each team could have up to four members.

A team from Northwestern University came in 25th place.

The prize: bragging rights, pride and a trophy.

See how you’d hold up against some of the nation’s brightest students. Below are several of the more easily digestible questions — edited for length — that were posed at the tournament. The event was hosted by National Academic Quiz Tournaments.

1. This city’s tallest buildings are three curved, triangular skyscrapers called the “Flame Towers”:

Answer: Baku, Azerbaijan

2. This man used two toy cars to form an animal’s head, and a spring to form its tail, in his sculpture Baboon and Young. An Afghan hound may be the subject of his massive steel sculpture in Daley Plaza:

Answer: Pablo Picasso

3. An anchoveta caught in this ocean is the most-harvested fish by mass:

Answer: Pacific Ocean

4. Following a 2014 World Cup match in which Luiz Felipe Scolari managed this country’s team, he said he was having “the worst day” of his life:

Answer: Brazil (they had just lost to Germany be a score of 7-1)

5. This man won a 1965 election on an anti-corruption platform that aimed to curtail the power of Tammany Hall:

Answer: John Lindsay

6. In 2011, this man threw Bears defensive back D.J. Moore to the ground, kicking off a brawl:

Answer: Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford